Thursday, April 15, 2010

Halfway Through

For seven days, I'm keeping a food journal of what I eat daily. This is day four.

I am somewhat beginning to regret having started this experiment of sorts. I eat the same breakfast and morning snack everyday, a light lunch, and stir-fry for dinner. I'm sure some of my readers now read my blog with glazed-over eyes. But now that it's day four, we're halfway through, and it's too late to quit. After all, I started this experiment, and damn it, I'm going to finish it. So hang on with me. I can see the finish line. Here's what I ate today.

BREAKFAST: a bowl of plain yogurt with cereal and granola
EARLY MORNING SNACK: a glass of green smoothie
LATE MORNING SNACK: a French yogurt cupcake, a piece of dark chocolate, and three slices of baked tofu
LUNCH: baked sweet potato
SNACK I: grapes and strawberries
SNACK II: peanut butter and jelly toast; small plate of ravioli
SNACK III: a piece of dark chocolate; tortilla chips and salsa
DINNER: pollock stir fry with broccoli
DESSERT: a piece of dark chocolate

1 comment:

Lazaro Cooks! said...

Stick with it Katie. Finish what you started. Trust me it will be that much more fulfilling in the end. I for one, enjoy reading your posts. Keep them coming. Cheers!

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