About me

Hi. I'm Katie, the creator of Figs and Ginger.  I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia in a town called Charlestown. I am a first-generation Chinese immigrant and has even lived in China for five years, from ages 1 to 5. This give me a unique perspective on life, not to mention a wide, encompassing palate.  We eat mostly Chinese foods at home, but I'm eager to try, and cook, new foods. From dumplings to bouchons, from veggie burritos to spaghetti, I love them all.

I became interested in cooking during my later years in high school, an interest stemmed from reading food blogs and food magazines.  I would stay up late scrolling food blogs after my homework was finished. Then, one day, on a warm spring morning, I decided to start my own food blog.

I started this website March 2010 to try out 3 folder-fulls of recipes I garnered over the years, not to mention countless bookmarks on dog-eared cookbooks.  I like to think of this blog as a cozy little place where food stories and recipes are shared and exchanged.  I suppose in the olden days, we could do this huddled together before a fire someplace, but nowadays, the internet is so much more convenient.
You can reach me at kaixi930@yahoo.com.  I would love to hear from you.
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